Sunday, June 20, 2010

You're the best father

There would be no greater man than you, papa. Thank you for making us smile all the time. Thank you for loving mama and us, your daughters. Thank you for taking care of us six.

You’re an exceptional father. God is so good that he gave you to me. Your attitude I can never find in anyone, which most I have followed and adopted. Your humility and kindness are two of the traits I admire of you most. You know how to deal with people; you possess a very good PR. You’re patient and understanding. We often talk so I know your sentiments and stories in life since you were young. You’re a leader not only inside the house, but in the community.

Though you were not able to achieve your ambition of becoming a lawyer because of financial incapacity of your parents, but in our eyes, you’re more than a lawyer, but a judge.

You do not choose people to help, as long as they’re in need, there I saw your extending arms. You always remind us to maintain favorable relation with people. You tell us to keep on praying. You teach us the morals we should strive to possess, the little and big things in the world. You train us the chores to do inside the house, the manners to show inside the school, church, in another’s residence, in front of people, in a new place.

So many things you’ve taught us which forever will be kept in our “innocent to liable” minds. You are the only man in our lives, the best father of all. We are proud of you, papa.

From our sincere hearts, we want to tell you, “We love you and we thank you Papa Eufemio “Pepe” Cinco Acabo.”