Monday, May 31, 2010

Friends forever

You never knew when your time on earth ends, much more with the lives of others.

It’s very painful when a friend, a person important to you departs. No I must not say that; she doesn’t want to leave yet, only that she is now fetched by the father.

She’s still young, very young. It’s not timely for her to be deprived of the love, happiness and harmony of the world. If only I were to decide, I will allow her to see more of the beauty on earth and essence of living. But I do not hold the key. Just like her, I am also only waiting for His final say.

If you’re reading this, this is one thing I can assure you—I will never ever forget that once, a girl named “Rhea” came into my life and became part of my meaningful existence.

Do you still remember the mornings when I fetched you from your home, especially the instances when I was the one waking you up because you won’t answer to your mother’s call? Do you still recall when we chose to walk rather than ride every morning? The passing to shortcut routes just to reach school on time? The bridge, that Hinoba-an bridge is a witness to our laughers, talks, and secrets.

You know that you were the only person I showed my patience to. Though it would take 30-45 minutes to wait for you to be ready for school, there, I stayed either in your “kamalig” or inside your house, sitting and waiting. You were the only person who used to accompany me in going to school especially when I was in Grade 6 and you were in Grade 5, but we’re of the same age.

You know how much I value our friendship. Like your family, even I cannot accept your goodbye. I am very much affected with your death because you are my friend.

Those morning moments we shared will always be kept here. Remember that a certain “Pebyang” will always be here for you, you may be intangible for her.

Rhe, Pebyang promises to forever treasure your friendship with her. I believe that God has better plans why He gets your life back as early as today. May you rest in peace Rhe.

Friday, May 21, 2010

“God made a wonderful mother, a mother who doesn’t grow old.
He made her a smile of sunshine and a heart of pure gold.
In her cheeks, He placed fair roses; in her eyes, stars that shine.
God made a wonderful mother, and that wonderful mother is mine”

This was a forwarded text message from a friend this morning, which obviously speaks of how proud and happy she is to be given a mother she has now.

Each of us also feels the same to our moms. You can tell of everything about your mom, and I can also share to you some stories about my one and only Mama Miploy or Miraflor Acabo in real name. Today is a special day for her so I’ll make her the center of my today’s post. Oh, I forgot to make my birthday post for her on May 5. “Mama, you’re now 38, you’re getting younger!”

Anyways, this is what I’ve known about her…

She was only 19 when she delivered me into this world. That’s the first thing that proves how proud and thankful I am to be her first daughter. But prior to it, she showed how deep her love to papa is when they went to Canla-on to have a “tanan”. That’s why I was made!

Despite having a baby, she still went to her school, Central Visayas Polytechnic College (CVPC) regularly. Papa supported her studies because he already was working at that time.

Before CVPC, she took Mass Communication at Silliman University on the first semester of the first year, but transferred to CVPC-Guihulngan. She was supposed to be in her last year, but she shifted to Bachelor of Elementary Education major in English until she graduated on 2001.

She passed the LET on 2002 [her first take], but only became a regular teacher 3 years after. She used to be only a substitute teacher if any one gets pregnant or sick.

Her first assignment as teacher was at Aya, the farthest barangay of La Libertad which is also the boundary to Negros Occidental. I was still in high school that time and I remember, she departs every Monday morning and returns home on Friday late afternoons. Papa was responsible for packing her one week stay consumptions at the mountain which is also dangerous because of the occupation of the rebels. In that school, she handled two classes—Grades 3 and 4.

After 3 years, she was transferred to Guihob, nearer than Aya. This time, she can manage traveling daily. Until now, she’s still teaching in Guihob preferably the Grade 6 pupils.

Mama, I should say is a monitoring mom. She keeps on checking especially the health of my 3 younger sisters. She always wants to make sure they have eaten, taken their vitamins and medicines especially that there were several times they were brought to the hospital or sent to pediatricians for check-up.

On this day, I received numerous text messages from her to take care of the children. Though we have dissimilar networks, she sends the same messages twice to make sure that I’ll do what she had told.

She’s still young, sometimes there are still few childish traits I detect from her words and actions, but her tandem with papa is perfect because papa’s maturity and attitude which is sometimes funny and serious is the reason why the best of the family comes out.

As of now, mama is the source for our daily expenses because she’s the only one working, while papa is earning a little from his piggery and farm production in the mountain. Her salary is not enough to cater our needs and wants, but we are striving to balance everything.

Now, she’s studying her masteral degree at Moalboal, Cebu to at least uplift her position. We support you with that ma!

Mama, we love you so much. Thank you, belated happy birthday and happy mother’s day! We are proud of you, we’re happy to be your daughters.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Alyanna, you can do it!

Last month we only had a 5-hour bonding. Now I’m back, but you’re not inside the house. Mama told me you’re at the hospital for the same reason.

I thought this would be a happy come back, but seeing you at the same room in the same hospital really aches my heart. The past 9 months that you were there was not long enough.

The same process is done to you—injected, a dextrose and nebulizer beside, but now, a tank is added, the oxygen. I can’t see that smile from you now. You don’t even want me to carry you.

This week is another challenge for you and us. Everyone in the family hopes for your early recovery so that we can go home early, so that you can play with your cousins, relatives, and neighbors again.

We love you Inday Yanna!