Friday, June 18, 2010

Dora's birthday post

I’m now 19, still a teen. But I think, nothing will be changed—with my attitude, the way I dress, my actions, my style, my choices of food, etcetera.

Birthday is just a date, they say, or 20% of my head would say. But I want to make this special, especially that this is my last birthday in college. There are many people who are close to my heart, many friends who are precious and moments I shared with them which are truly memorable. There are my course mates, especially my batch in Mass Communication and some of my close in the lower years, my colleagues in the publication, my friends from different courses, my co-members in the affiliations I have joined in, my board mates in the six houses I have stayed in and the present one, many, many, and more people who mean a lot to me. I love these people so much. Until my last birthday, they will be treasured in this heart and mind.

Today may be ordinary for others, but this day is very special for me. Thank you to everybody who greeted through text, FB, personal and even through the radio. Thank you to those who gave me gifts. Thank you being part of my 19-year existence on earth. Thank you for accepting me as one of your friends.