Sunday, December 27, 2009

Their concern makes me important

Every time I return home, they would always ask me of who my boyfriend is. Seems like, they’re very interested on my love life. But when I say “wala oi!” people’s views and beliefs are divided.

Some who believe me say that it’s good to have no bf yet for I can have that man at the right time, during when I finish and have a career. But others, mostly aunties, even mama, laughed at me why until now I don’t have bf yet. According to them, I must experienced the life of a true lady especially this time that I’m in the right age, to be with someone who cares and loves me the way my parents and others care for me, someone who, though not related is near to my heart.

Most of my nanays, tatays, and other elders advised me all the time not to engage on that thing yet, but if I’m really falling, loving and making him a boyfriend is okay as long as not to the extent of giving too much for that person which mightl result to something that ruins the life of a woman. They understand that it’s normal to get attracted with the opposite sex, but I must know how to control and limit my self.

Through these things, I know the people around me are very much concern with me, with my love life, that’s why they say and act in such ways.

I know I will have that man soon, someone who I can brag and introduce to everybody in our place. And I don’t want to rush, for I believe he will come.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Giving is loving

Papa always told me that it’s “better to give than to receive.

This line would constantly remind me of my father. I gained the attitude of sharing from him. He influenced all the members of the family to give.

I remember I was in third year high school when I first experienced an outreach program. It was in the municipal jail of Guihulngan. Though at the first place we were hesitant to give, considering that we are only students and we are few in the class to share an amount that will be spent during the activity.

I could never forget the faces of the prisoners when we serenade them with Filipino Christmas songs—they were lonely, hopeless, the eyes almost drop down its tears. I saw them in agony, their appearance missing and wanting to be with their loved-ones on chritmas season. I realized that I am lucky in fact to have celebrated the most anticipated event of the year with my family and friends.

When we were in the fourth year, as member of the Student Government of our school, we gave our used clothes to the poor people of La Libertad. I thought my head will be damaged that time because, on our way of going out from that sitio, a coconut has almost hit my head, good that the “pot-pot” we rode was able to avoid it. That was unforgettable!

Series of outreach programs followed when I entered college, but this time is for the kids who were abandoned by their parents and given to shelters that can attend to their needs.

Seeing the happy faces of children whom you feed and given presents on Christmas made me feel glad and proud of my self.

Now, I’m trying to make the best of my every Christmas by reaching out to others, touching their hearts and creating a significance through giving them of what I have and spending a day with them even for a short span of time.

I believe that by giving, a good return is waiting for me, though not now, but in the days it will surely come.

The essence of Christmas is giving because sharing is a way of showing that you love them.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A mistake, now forgiven

I made another technical mistake, and it’s hard to tell my parents about it. No, I didn’t damage it. It was only timely that I hung the camera in my neck when suddenly, the sling was attached and the device fell to the ground.

The battery storage was the first to be destroyed. I just told my paryente who was with me that time that it’s okay, that it will still function, but honestly, I was already afraid for I’m sure that it will not work. It was not my fault, it was the sling’s.

The same as with the two flash drives, it was the killer CPU’s fault. I didn’t know that it has a power supply, that’s why the USBs were in short circuit mode, which leads to the point of being totally useless.

There have been many things that passed in my hand, things in which one would think, is my mistake, that I was the source of damage.

But the very good feeling happens when not even a single word from mama and papa hurt me by scolding me for what I did, or for blaming me. How happy and thankful I am, 'cause now I can breathe well, lol. It was a proof. I found that they really love and understand me.

They thought I don’t deserve to be scolded because I’ve always been a very good, obedient, respectful and hardworking daughter to them, and that’s what I've observed, especially that they seldom see me since I studied college.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank God, He saved my most loved

I’ve just attended a happy event, an occasion of color, close bond, and thanksgiving to celebrate the success that life brought to us and to the institution. It was a gathering to end the year with grateful heart and contented living, but when I woke up, bad news welcomed my 21st of December—numerous text messages from mama, cousins, relatives, and friends that our place, San Juan was attacked with big fire around 10:30 of the previous night.

The report worried me a lot for I was thinking of my parents and younger sisters.

A kerosene lamp according to the neighbors was the source of the accident. The house owners were not able to take actions immediately because that night, people were attending the thanksgiving and Christmas party organized by the barangay officials of North Poblacion.

It started in a small nipa house which was situated on the north direction, then scattered a few meters until 7 houses were totally affected and burned.

Good that six fire trucks (from San Carlos, Guihulngan, Jimalalud, Tayasan and Ayungon) arrived before the fire spread to the whole sitio.

According to mama, the people securing the safety of their families were rushing to the other way going out of the vicinity. Thank God that no one died, though the residents of those seven homes were pitiful this Christmas.

Hoh, that was very terrible to my part, thinking that the source of fire is only few steps away from our house. Thank God that everyone is saved from that accident, thank God that my family is now safe.

It was not the first time that the place is attacked with such blown. Years ago, I was still a little girl that time, the house beside ours was attacked with fire, the same cause—kerosene lamp, and the only persons left are the children. It brought agony to the family for the two young siblings were burned. Seeing them in black ashes will really move your heart.

We don’t know what lies ahead in life, so we need to be ready. Everybody in the authority should be ready to avoid human life and property damage.