Sunday, June 6, 2010

His goal and the other's disappointment

Ohh, papa is so ambitious. Before, he used to say he wanted to visit Baguio; now, because of the reopening of the Yankee Stadium, he wants to see what’s with New York. Haha, I just laughed when he told me about this aim. It sounds very impossible but if God will allow this to happen, then I would be very happy for him.

On the other hand, I pity my cousin; he’s almost there but because of the other test, he did not qualify for the training. Last week, he passed the Neurological examination, but when he took the Army Reception Eye examination, he failed.

He will be coming back home after the 3-month stay at Cebu; the stay which he expects to bring him close to his dreams, but turned into dust. The next move depends on him and his decision, but we never lose hope. We’ll be supporting him all the way. Maybe being into military is not his destiny. His frustration will end soon.