Thursday, February 4, 2010


“After school, he accompanies me going home. We eat together, we help each other in school works, and we talk all the time. On Sundays, we go to church, we stroll along the city, we watch movies, and sing in KTV bars.

We laugh, we share our worries, we sympathize each other. My parents know him, the same thing is I to his family. We solve our problems in a relationship. We never hide anything. We are true to each other. I trust him, he trusts me. I accept him, he does too. We are much in love with each other than any other people could see…”

Wow, what a kilig and heartening episodes in one’s or two people’s lives. It becomes more emotionally touching after hearing that passage that comes from a woman’s thoughts.

But that is only an illusion, vague to come true especially to a woman like me who has nothing to show and brag in the physical side, but only the personality. Those encounter are just part of my impossible dreams.

I am not beautiful, I don’t have the curvacious body and exact height. I dress differently from other girls. I don’t possess the charisma and appeal. Most boys don’t even go nearer to me unless, they have something to ask which is related to school activities.

I am turning 19, but for even a single time, I never experienced being in a boy-girl relationship, to be loved by someone who’s not related to me except friends. As what other woman is needing, I also want and need to be loved. I’ve always loved, but not loved in return.

Though I continue receiving bullies from peers, I’m contented being single. Who wouldn’t be happy having no additional headache and heartache?...but it’s really different to have someone who cares and loves you above all, and makes you realize how special and important you are in this world.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Inspired escape

Comparing to the usual days I have, today is one of the special and inspiring dates. I saw my man and spent my three and a half hours with him. I seldom see him these days that’s why I was very glad that he came here.

Though I supposed to finish other things, still I spare my time with him because he's more important than everything and everyone who exist.

He’s so special to me that even seeing him once a week already completes the emptiness. I toured him at the new attraction of the city, we ate, we talked, we laughed, we bought stuffs, we walked, we separated, and I kissed him.

It was only a short time that we were together, but it was worth more than any other company because being with him is already a source of strength and inspiration, and completes my February.

He’s a different man, and I love him so much. If there could be a word which refers to more than a father, then it’s him. I can’t imagine how this life would be without him.

Another reason why I love this day is that, despite the busy schedule, I was able to treat my self by strolling along the downtown, visit the new ukay-ukay stall, entered in business centers, and ate with my close course mates.

I seldom do that to my self, but today, I made it! I love this day because I gave my self a short break from stress and work in school.

Tired and sleepy upon returning home, but the fun doesn’t end there. I still went out and returned home at midnight.

It was a minute escape, a runaway moment from responsibilities...I hope there'll be more next times.