Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cover of evidence

Watching my picture wearing a toga makes me feel proud, but March is still very far. We haven’t even reached the first half of the semester yet. There is no assurance to graduate because the subjects are getting tough, requirements are multiplying, and tasks are getting serious.

I can feel that I’m a certified “graduating” student every time I see that photo, but it was only temporary, a short term happiness and satisfaction. I hope to pass all the subjects so my agony as a student will finally be ended.

I want to work, I want to earn money. Student life and being an employee are both tiring, but at least, you are earning when you are working.

Nevertheless, I’m glad and thankful that I’m now in the 4th and last year. I hope to surpass every trial all the way to March 2011 to march with mama and papa wearing my toga.